Tiga McLloyd

Citi Habitats, Inc.

157 Columbus Avenue, Suite 2W

New York, NY 10023

P 917-887-2127

Tiga McLloyd

  • I want my clients to know two things: I know their time is valuable, and I have an absolute passion for this business. I truly LOVE what I do!” Real estate is not just Tiga McLoyd’s passion; it’s his life. A New York City property investor and landlord since 1992, and licensed sales and rental broker since 1994, he has been all consumed by and well connected in the Manhattan real estate market for most of his professional career. Tiga is also a multiple property owner and landlord in his hometown Ann Arbor, Michigan, where he continually matches graduate students from his alma mater, The University of Michigan, and others from the area with wonderful Manhattan homes.

  • Having personally experienced the market himself as a buyer, seller, renter, renovator and landlord, Tiga deeply understands the unique needs of his clients, as he does the priority of their investment. His “4 Walls Philosophy” drives his enthusiasm each day to find clients that perfect haven from the hustle and bustle outside. As a NYC landlord, he also has keen insight on the needs of property owners and the quest for good tenants, and great value.

  • You might say Tiga is selfless in his “obsession” to do the best job possible for clients; yet his motivation is also self-rewarding as he feels it the greatest privilege to help find, fill or sell a prized property. Tiga embraces his work with excitement, enthusiasm and determination, always looking forward to the new challenge or opportunity that awaits. He is patient, even tempered, a good listener, and most important, he “gets” people’s needs.  Tiga is also highly skilled at navigating deals and effectively interacting with other professionals to ensure a smooth transaction. “I have a very thorough understanding of residential real estate. My clients enjoy access to my extensive network of attorneys, designers, contractors, mortgage reps, as well as other brokers.”

  • After graduating from The University of Michigan Business School with a dual degree in Finance and Marketing in 1991, Tiga headed straightaway to NYC and has lived here ever since. Following a short stint in finance at Citibank, he discovered that real estate was his true calling and dove right in. Five years later he was working independently as a full-time NYC real estate investor and landlord. “From 1997 to 2008 I was working only for myself – no paychecks, no safety net.” His own success serves as inspiration for others. “I began investing in a down market. Times like these present the best opportunities; and no matter what the market conditions, you can’t go wrong owning real estate in New York City.”

  • An Upper West Side resident since 1991, Tiga serves clients in his own neighborhood and beyond. “Living with my wife and 2-year-old TJ (Tiga junior) on the Upper West Side is a dream come true! This is without a doubt the GREATEST CITY IN THE WORLD!” Tiga also enjoys music, comedy and sports (go Wolverines!), and is a big animal lover/supporter.

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