Susan Ruttner

Halstead Property, LLC

408 Columbus Avenue

New York, NY 10024

P 212-381-2231

Susan Ruttner

Her search for her own family’s apartment brought Susan Ruttner to a new career in 1983.“I got to know every 7 and 8 room lay-out on the Upper West Side! So when a broker offered me a job I figured – why not?”

Becoming a mother had changed Susan’s career priorities. Prior to that, she had been an Emmy award winning TV producer-broadcaster. “My daughter was six weeks old when I was offered three weeks in Africa to do a film on literacy. I was not about to have someone else raise her – so I dropped out of TV.”

Life is full of the unexpected.

Susan was approached by Efrom Allen, a co-worker at Halstead. Someone had told Efrom about Susan’s television background, and he, too, had been in the business. They discovered that they had grown up in adjoining Brooklyn neighborhoods – and, in fact, had many acquaintances in common. Efrom had an idea for a real estate magazine format television program that would entertain, inform and educate the public about New York’s #1 topic. Thus was born HOME SWEET HOME NEW YORK, a magazine format real estate program that aired in 2005.

Susan is well-known for her familiarity with Mayfair Towers — 15 West 72nd Street. She is an enthusiastic supporter of the co-op she calls home. She has volunteered for committees and other responsibilities, and has sold over 175 apartments there. In addition, she has represented numerous other properties in other Manhattan buildings. Buyers and sellers refer their friends and come back to Susan when their own real estate needs have changed. No need to call anyone else!

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