Stephen P. Wald

Stephen P. Wald Real Estate Associates, Inc.

115 East 56th Street

New York, NY 10022

P 212-750-9253

Stephen P. Wald

A Manhattan resident for most of his life, Stephen P. Wald is a recognized expert in real estate. Since entering the residential brokerage community in 1985, Stephen has succeeded in building one of the most successful, full-service boutique real estate firms in New York. By creating and maintaining long-term relationships with buyers and sellers as well as industry colleagues, Stephen has earned and continues to earn the respect of everyone with whom he works.

Former member of the board of directors of the Real Estate Board of New York (REBNY) and co-chairman of both the Eastside and Westside Committees of the Board, Stephen P. Wald has his finger placed firmly on the pulse of the Manhattan real estate market. As a member of the Ethics Committee of REBNY and an advocate of ethical brokerage, he is credited with changing the way business is transacted within the local real estate industry. Most importantly, he understands his clients’ needs and provides each one with the highest level of service, expertise, and attention.

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