Sheila Wyle

The Corcoran Group

1226 Madison Avenue

New York, NY 10128

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Sheila Wyle

Sheila Wyle exudes unmatched confidence, persistence and a positive attitude
that will not quit! Her professional success came naturally through hard work
and motivation. A skilled business woman and sales and marketing expert,
Sheila’s years of tough negotiations with top firms in the country added to her
ability to handle even the most difficult of situations. Sheila can move quickly
and efficiently toward the goal actually making the process enjoyable.

Those who have worked with her, either in publishing, the movie business or
in the sale or purchase of one’s home, reap the benefits of Sheila’s honesty and
experience. When it comes to a major undertaking, such as a real estate
transaction, keen perception and strength are absolute musts. Sheila not only
understands the market from a business perspective but a personal one as well.
Having lived in Manhattan many years, investing in her own properties, she can
share her insights and strength to provide valuable guidance.

Born in New York, Sheila moved with her family to Miami Beach, Florida, where
she grew up. After the University of Miami, she married and moved to France.
Upon returning several years later, she began a long and successful sales,
advertising and marketing career. Sheila worked for several top publications,
ultimately earning status as the first female publisher of one of Reader’s
Digest’s magazines. She introduced on-screen advertising to the US for one of
the largest movie chains in the world. Running all operations and interacting
with top level executives worldwide surely prepared her well for understanding
and dealing with people in a warm and sincere manner.

Sheila truly is involved in the joy and living of life and makes time to
spend at her upstate home in the Hudson Valley. She happily serves on the Real
Estate Board of New York’s Residential Sales Council, is a repeat member of the
Multi-Million Dollar Club and has been listed in the Top 1% of NRT Brokers
Nationwide multiple times. She is also a member of NYRS, New York Residential

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