Sharon McIntosh

The McIntosh Company, LLC

2067 Broadway, Suite 52

New York, NY 10023

P 212-580-8855

Sharon McIntosh

In 1990, after several years learning the ropes at a mid-size real estate firm in Manhattan, I struck out on my own and formed The McIntosh Company.


Having grown up in Texas, I came to New York City to study art history. I was lucky to land my dream job at The Museum of Modern Art and later became director of a gallery specializing in rare antiquarian prints and maps. After 15 years in the art field, I had a eureka moment in 1986 when I began looking for my own co-op. I discovered that I loved the whole process. And I decided to make residential real estate sales my next career.


My own experience as a buyer, as well as eighteen years of serving on my co-op’s board, has given me insight into the emotional, aesthetic and financial aspects of the processes of buying and selling a home. My more than 20 years of experience as a real estate broker selling homes and apartments in New York City guide me in my efforts to enhance my clients’ experience in that tough territory.


A real estate lawyer once said to me, “There are no easy deals.” This turned out to be true. But I thrive on the challenge of making the deal. I enjoy gathering the information my clients need to be fully informed buyers or sellers, dealing with disparate personalities, working out the inevitable glitches that seem to come with every deal. Getting everyone to co-operate while working our way together to a deal that everyone feels is fair, this is what I really enjoy about this business.

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