Shari Scharfer-Rollins

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Shari Scharfer-Rollins

Confucius say: “Always use tall real estate agent — they can see through the clouds”. All right, maybe it wasn’t Confucius, but Shari’s mother is a close second! Buying real estate can make one feel as though they are lost in a cloud. Shari has an innate ability to make a client feel like they are on a velvet carpet ride through what many consider a traumatic experience, at best. Whether working with a buyer, seller, investor or renter, Shari offers the same professionalism, respect and attention to each individual she works with no matter what the price range. Having been a busy corporate executive, she appreciates what the word “time” means and will value yours. She expresses energy, dedication and keen negotiating skills.

A graduate of NYU with a degree in History and Journalism, Shari left New York after college and set off for Los Angeles where she produced talk shows, did stand-up comedy and wrote for hit comedy shows including “Full House”. That’s right, Shari knew the Olsen twins before they could speak in full sentences. She still takes great pride in the lines she wrote for them — the most memorable being: “Wow, really?”

The winding road of life took Shari to Canada where she became a network executive for Global Television and sat on the board of Operation Herbie at The Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto. Although Canada will always hold a special place in her heart, CBS came calling and Shari packed her bags faster than you can say “passport please”.

As the head of CBS East Coast Daytime Television, Shari supervised all aspects of the classic shows, “Guiding Light” and “As the World Turns.” They say that life imitates art; luckily for Shari this was the case. She met the love of her life and, much to the relief of her family, finally said “I do.” So she left CBS to live her own soap opera and devote time to her new family and career in real estate.

Having moved many times, Shari appreciates what the words “moving and home” mean. Home is that “special place” that everyone looks for to live out their dreams. Moving can be the beginning of a great adventure or a major migraine. It’s like being on a jungle safari. Shari knows the terrain like the back of her hand; she is your perfect hunting guide. She will work tirelessly to ensure that you have only positive memories of selling your home or finding the home of your dreams in the greatest city in the world, New York.

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