Sarah Buff

Halstead Property

408 Columbus Avenue

New York, NY 10024

P 212-381-2621

Sarah Buff

Sarah Buff, a native New Yorker, has been selling real estate in New York City since 2001. Sarah is an award winning broker and a dynamic and innovative communicator. Her passion for the City, it’s communities, neighborhoods, schools, museums, markets, subways and people, gives her a unique approach when working with buyers and sellers. Sarah’s down to earth approach and steady and unwavering commitment to her work has enabled her to build up a vast network of homeowners, investors, landlords, and developers. Sarah brings people together with ease, and connects people to deals they may otherwise not have found or even thought of. Her rigorous standards, attention to the minutest details, and years of experience give her finesse in negotiation, expertise in preparation of documents and board packages, and the highest level of service for all of her customers needs.

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