Meryl G. Goodfader

Halstead Property, LLC

831 Broadway

New York, NY 10003

P 212-381-2466

Meryl G. Goodfader

Meryl Goodfader’s enthusiasm and positive attitude are evident within seconds of your first interaction with her, and she carries that same energy into all of her real estate transaction processes. This provides her clients with an experience that is both fulfilling and enjoyable. Meryl is dedicated to her clients and makes them her top priority. She is always available and delivers a hands-on approach to guide clients through the entire process. She has been consistently recognized in the industry for her achievements and exceptional capabilities.


Prior to entering the real estate industry, Meryl worked as an actor and was highly accomplished in the field. She also worked in advertising as a Project/Sales Manager for major agencies in NYC, was the Affiliate Relations Manager for the United Stations Radio Network, and then worked at one of the premier high-end jewelers and luxury goods company, headquartered in Midtown Manhattan. Those experiences taught her the valuable lessons of being attentive, excellent organizational skills and an ability to multitask effectively, creative thinking, a strong intuition and feel for people’s needs, and the importance of providing the best level of customer service possible.


Meryl absolutely loves New York City, as she states “It’s the best of everything.” She possesses a comprehensive knowledge of the city and all of its neighborhoods and she has a deep understanding of the real estate market. She is a well rounded individual who earned her undergraduate degree in Literature and Psychology in the U.S. and her post-graduate degree in Drama in the United Kingdom.


She is fully involved with her community and belongs to The Yeats Society at the National Arts Club, The Players at Gramercy Park, and is a Life Member of the Episcopal Actors Guild. She is also a member of the New England Society, one of the oldest charitable organizations in the country.

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