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Kathi Jacob

Kathi Jacob has been a Greenwich Village resident for over 20 years. Her love of the neighborhood is quite evident by her involvement in the community’s schools that both her daughter and son have attended since kindergarten. The Jacob family are one of the founding members of a progressive synagogue in the West Village, The New Shul, now in its tenth year. Kathi can always be counted on to volunteer for school, or neighborhood events and causes.


“Living downtown in the Village is like living in a small town, you always see people you know, and your children don’t feel overwhelmed by a big city environment”.


Immediately after graduating from the University of Maryland, with a BA degree in Film & Television, Kathi and a handful of other dedicated individuals formed a videotape production & post production facility. It is now one of the largest film/video and computer graphic centers in Manhattan. During that time, while working on some of the largest television and advertising projects in N.Y.C., she met her husband, who is an Emmy Award winning Television Sound Mixer. Realizing that two people in the all-consuming world of entertainment meant never seeing her young children, Kathi decided to leave the excitement of TV and to start raising her children (much more exciting!).


Kathi’s love and enthusiasm of New York City became evident with her involvement in Real Estate. Her energy & warmth is apparent to anyone who meets her. In the particularly fast paced world of real estate, Kathi has that quality of making you feel totally comfortable, as if you’ve known one another for years. Starting with the initial discussion and meeting, to the successful closing of a purchase, sale or rental of your home, along with a thorough and detailed understanding, knowledge, and attentiveness to you and your needs, is one of the many reasons why Kathi stands out from the rest. As one enormously successful real estate developer has said, “You have to love what you do”, and Kathi Jacob does.


Her career in the Real Estate business began at a small boutique brokerage company. Shortly thereafter, Kathi joined Halstead Property so that she could combine her passion for this fabulous city with the progressive technology and marketing reach, that a larger but yet still familial company such as Halstead provides, without losing sight of that neighborhood feeling.


A member of The Real Estate Board of New York (REBNY), an invited guest speaker at the Learning Annex, a Certified Relocation Specialist, and a Gold Circle Member, are just some of Kathi’s achievements. Whether you are selling your home, purchasing your first apartment, or purchasing that one-of-a-kind Pied-a-Terre; be it uptown, downtown or anywhere in between, Kathi’s experience, work ethic and dedication will make that process happen, effectively, efficiently and rewardingly.

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