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Karen Lee Duncan

Karen grew up as an Air Force brat, which meant moving, changing schools and making new friends every four years. She developed relationship management skills without even knowing what they were but discovered they were essential and critically important when she embarked on a career in real estate. Karen began her professional journey working at Museum Tower Condominium, atop the Museum of Modern Art. After selling the PH crown jewel for what was at the time an unprecedented $4.2M, she chose to make her mark in residential re-sales.

After a dozen successful years doing just that, she embarked in 2003 on a stint in residential sales management. Ultimately, that couldn’t compete with her passion for on-site sales, and a call from 15 Central Park West was irresistible. The results were unprecedented 201 apartments sold in 18 months for just under $2B! That achievement fostered new opportunities for Karen and she was tapped as Director of Sales for Apple Bank Condominium (2112 Broadway) and One Riverside Park (50 Riverside Blvd.), which boasted a record rate of sale for Extell on RSB.

In 2016, Karen was asked to join the sales team at Castello di Casole, a 4,200-acre estate in Tuscany being developed by Timbers Resorts. The estate is a 5 star resort with a boutique hotel, 10 agritourismo farms, and 28 authentically restored farmhouses. After 7 productive months living in Italy, she realized that you can take the girl out of NYC but you can’t take NYC out of the girl! Karen has returned to her Manhattan real estate roots and is back to doing what she does best, selling residential properties.

The consummate relationship builder, Karen is known in the real estate industry for her integrity, her professionalism and commitment to helping others reach their potential. To further this commitment, she became a Certified Facilitator in Leadership at the Speed of Trust. The Signature Leading at the Speed of Trustâ„¢ seminars were designed by world renowned management expert Stephen M. R. Covey to improve leadership skills and dramatically increase personal credibility and effectiveness. Karen offers this personal and professional development training with the objective of providing her clients with new tools, strategies and perspectives to help them deliver high trust results to all their stakeholders and themselves as well.

Karen has served on the boards of All Souls Unitarian Church, the Neighborhood Coalition for Shelter and devotes countless hours to the Real Estate Board of New York and is a member of NYRS. She studied at the Istituto di Italiano in Florence, New York University, Columbia Business School and earned a B.S. degree from the University of Cincinnati.

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