Judy Oston

Halstead Property

408 Columbus Avenue

New York, NY 10024

P 212-381-2370

Judy Oston

For over 25 years, Judy Oston has been the “Townhouse Maven” selling on the Upper Westside, the Upper Eastside, Clinton and Harlem!


Starting with the conversion of brownstones to co-op status in the 70’s and then developing her expertise in selling one family to 10-unit buildings, Judy has become one of the foremost names in the unique area of townhouses. Her unerring ability to pull a deal together is appreciated by both her buyers and sellers.


Brownstone living has been a part of Judy’s life since moving to Manhattan 30 years ago – first as a renter, then as a co-op owner and finally purchasing a 10-unit building on the Upper Westside which she has renovated with her husband, Jack. They configured a garden duplex for their family and transformed the remaining units into a bed & breakfast.


Judy recently began a new Townhouse Team with long time partner Don Correia at the Upper Westside Office of Halstead Property located at 408 Columbus Avenue at 79th Street (directly across from the Museum of Natural History). The development of this new team will afford her the opportunity to be in the heart of her Westside base of devoted townhouse owners.


For over a decade, Judy has published her highly lauded Townhouse Newsletter. The most recent issue is now also available online at her website, www.townhousestore.com. Please check back regularly for on-going information and updates.


Because of Judy’s continuing interest in improving her knowledge of real estate in general, she has been active member of The Salesperson’s Council at the Real Estate Board of New York and of SPONY (Small Property Owners of New York). Her love for the theatre has prompted her to establish ongoing groups which see at least two plays a month. She has been a member of the Trinity School Interfaith Community for years.


Please drop in to say hello, discuss any concerns you have regarding your real estate investment and to pick up a vast array of literature.

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