Judith Kleinman

Halstead Property, LLC

831 Broadway

New York, NY 10003

P 212-381-6563

Judith Kleinman

Judith Kleinman is an Associate Broker with Halstead Property and a certified NY Residential Specialist. She focuses on marketing a range of properties-from lofts to studios to townhouses. Whether she is working on behalf of the seller or buyer, she takes her fiduciary responsibilities very seriously. She holds herself to a very high ethical standard.


A born-and-bred New Yorker, Judith appreciates the city’s energy and unique style. Whether walking through downtown Manhattan, brownstone Brooklyn, or Harlem and Washington Heights, she enjoys encountering new and old friends who have bought or sold through her. It’s always been her pleasure to share the nuances and diversity of New York with others.


As a professional real estate agent with Halstead, Judith can access all of its high technical capabilities (such as a full market analysis), while remaining sensitive to each person’s emotional journey. She counts good communication as her number one objective: She is determined to create value out of every situation.

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