Jennie Ma

The Corcoran Group

49 East 10th Street

New York, NY 10003

P 212-937-6707

Jennie Ma

Jennie Ma prides herself on the insightful service she provides her real estate clientele as well as on the strong relationships she builds along the way. Traveling extensively throughout her professional life has given Jennie worldly understanding and a wealth of international contacts with her deep appreciation for New York as the place that brings it all together.


Besides closing primary homes, Jennie has accumulated a large international based clienteles and has assisted multiple investors make educated purchases and subsequently helped find strong rental tenants. Key to Jennie’s success and effectiveness is her ability to listen intently with caring approach, knowledgeable and expert service which make the real estate experience both prolific and enjoyable.


Born and raised in Hong Kong, Jennie resided in the Philippines during childhood. Prior to her real estate business 13 years ago, she was in the fashion industry for 16 years from design to manufacturing, advertising & marketing. The first 8 years in family clothing & accessories business. Then, in the latter 8 years Jennie helped built the licensing business for ELLE Magazine in Asia-Pacific as Marketing Manager. And was subsequently relocated to New York to establish the ELLE brand product licensing and business development for the U.S., Canada and Mexico as Licensing Director for North America.


While real estate is Jennie’s main passion, she is as passionate to give back and co-founded Choice of the Future Global Foundation in 2013 with friends in Geneva and Paris, a platform focusing on socially conscious and sustainable initiatives in this emerging new economy for a unified future for the future generation. Jennie has been residing in beautiful Gramercy Park since she moved to New York City 18 years ago, and looks forward to helping you with your real estate needs from buying, selling and renting.

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