Jeffrey G. Levitas

Stribling & Associates

924 Madison Avenue,

New York, NY 10021

P 847-555-5555

Jeffrey G. Levitas

Together averaging over 25 years in New York real estate, Jeff and Madeline are a highly effective team. Their partnership has provided them an opportunity to excel using their greatest strengths, a high standard of ethics, sharp negotiating skills and a keen insight into current market trends and pricing strategies.


Very few real estate brokers are as enjoyable to work with or as effective as Jeff and Madeline. They can be depended upon to handle any real estate transaction successfully. It is their passion for success that has led them to earn a reputation as one of Manhattans most accomplished and highly respected professional teams.


Jeff and Madeline have completed the high level Advanced Graduate Designation Course called New York Residential Specialist (NYRS). The course is for advanced brokers who are interested in raising the bar in knowledge and professionalism in the New York City residential real estate market. Out of the over 14,000 real estate professionals in NYC they are among only a few hundred that have The Real Estate Board of New York esteemed NYRS accreditation.


Jeff and Madeline inspire trust and deliver results. The reason for their success is simple: they love what they do and they work hard to achieve their clients’ goals. Even after having sold hundreds of apartments from studios to historic townhouses they look forward to the newness and uniqueness of each transaction.

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