Hanifa Scully

Corcoran Group Real Estate

888 Seventh Avenue

New York, NY 10106

P 212-875-2859

Hanifa Scully

Hanifa Scully is an experienced broker ranked among s the top-producers in New York City. Hanifa started her career in Paris as a currency/bond sales/trader, in the highly demanding field of finance. She went on conquer 6 additional cities; Madrid, London, Frankfurt, Lisbon and Parma before settling in New York. Along with her impressive international background Hanifa has become fluent in 5 languages; French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and English.
Years ago, while in the market to purchase a property in New York City, Hanifa was drawn into the real estate industry. She bet on and bought an apartment in the now booming neighborhood of Long Island City and encouraged many friends and colleagues to follow in her footsteps. She was then spotted by one of New York’s top three real estate agencies and was convinced that it would be a successful career change and has not looked back since.
Hanifa is truly passionate about real estate, she has an undeniable instinct in identifying market trends. Her experience quickly made her realize what a personal investment means from an emotional and financial point of view. Hanifa is devoted to her clients and quickly gains a good sense of their needs, she works quickly, and has exceptional communication from beginning to end. With a background in residential real estate spanning across the three major boroughs; Manhattan, Queens and Brooklyn, she has a unique perspective and wide range of industry contacts.

Married for 15 years to an American,Hanifa has learned about cultural differences, and that hasdefinitely helped her to develop a six sense when dealing with foreign clients. Her ability too speak 5 languages combined with a financial background has been an added value to her success.

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