Linda Guido

Halstead Property, LLC

770 Lexington Avenue

New York, NY 10065

P 212-381-3327

Linda Guido

Linda loves working with people. She started her working years with top financial firms such as J.P. Morgan, Morgan Stanley and CIBC World Markets as an Executive Administrator and then moved into Campus Recruiting and Training. She also spent several years selling antiques and architectural salvage items at major antique shows all over the U.S. This gave her a great appreciation for the fabulous architecture that we have here in NYC.


Linda‚Äôs refined people skills, professionalism and appreciation for architecture give her the foundation to be an excellent broker. She started her profession in real estate in November 2000 and joined Halstead Property in June of 2001. By the second quarter of 2003, she was in the top 20% of the Company and had earned an award for the highest gross commissions for her division. Linda is thrilled to be working for a real estate firm, which she calls “such a prestigious and highly ethical company.” She believes that as an Associate Broker, it is her role to assist her customers in the process of finding the best property for them according to their financial means and the current state of the real estate market. Linda is articulate and friendly and will provide you with the kind of care and attention that you are looking for as a customer.


Finally, and probably best of all, Linda is committed to using her financial means to help those less fortunate. 10% of her commissions go to charity. You will be pleased to know that in doing a real estate transaction with Linda, you too will be contributing to helping others in need.

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