Evan F. Church

The Corcoran Group

241 Bedford Avenue

Brooklyn, NY 11211

P 917-684-0663

Evan F. Church

To say that Evan F. Church Lives & Breathes Brooklyn & Williamsburg Real Estate would only be discussing the tip of his professional iceberg. Evans 15 years of experience in the field bleed through to other prime locals including Manhattan and All of Brooklyn. His roots in Williamsburg run far deeper than just real estate. Evan’s first steps into real estate were taken when he began as an Associate Broker at a local Williamsburg Brokerage. There he developed a reputation for hard work, innovative thinking & commitment to his clients. Working on projects ranging from new development sales and rental projects to commercial real estate transactions, Evan developed a broad understanding of and deep relationships within the NYC real estate community. This vast knowledge and commitment to his craft are the tools he uses and shares with his clients.

Joining the Williamsburg office 9 years ago, Evan brought endless knowledge of the area’s offerings & extensive hard earned community relationships.Evan’s value to Corcoran was quickly recognized. To follow suit with his leadership skills & limitless energy for constant innovation and improvement,Evan founded The Forray Group.With the loyal & diversely experienced backing of his wife Kate, Chris Cavorti & Marvin Chu.The Forray Group is a comprehensive Real Estate Machine that meets all their clients’ real estate needs w The Best Customer Service & force of an Army.Evan’s goals in real estate surpass just expertly serving his clients & conducting business the right way. They are personal as well.His Grandparents home rest here in Williamsburg,on Conselyea Street, humbly among the modern new developments & bustling streets.This landmark of his heritage & childhood serves as a reminder to him of a greater goal in his life’s work.That of maintaining the integrity of a neighborhood and serving a community he calls family.You will often see him & his Remarkable wife Kate & Beautiful sons Cain&Hudson everywhere you turn when walking Williamsburg-Greenpoint Hood!Evan & The Forray Group welcome you to the neighborhood.Evan’s ready to serve you the best by doing Real Estate the Right Way!

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