Eric Hamm

Citi Habitats, Inc.

465 Columbus Avenue

New York, NY 10024

P 212-957-4100

Eric Hamm

Eric Hamm, Senior Managing Director of Citi Habitats’ Upper West Side office, is fully committed to enhancing the skills and heightening the service ethic of the agents who join his team. As a non-competing manager focused on the successful operations of one of the company’s fastest-growing offices, he sees his role more as a coach and partner to his agents. As such, he devotes the time necessary to cater to each individual’s unique needs and strengths.

Key to creating his agents’ success, Eric believes, is personal attention, patient guidance, open communication, and practical hands-on support that builds confidence, and greater business. To accomplish this, one-on-one mentoring and actual role playing are integral parts of his intensive in-office training roster. Agents on his team are given clear expectations from day one of the level of professionalism and accountability he expects from everyone to succeed. “No matter what level you’re at in this often challenging field, you need to constantly reevaluate your tactics, and reinvent yourself by exploring different options. Ours is a very client-focused environment, because those relationships are truly the heart of any agents’ business.”


An accomplished manager at Citi Habitats, Eric has demonstrated his exceptional knowledge and ability through the substantial growth of both rentals and sales at his office since taking over the helm. His expertise comes not only from his near decade of experience in real estate, but from the specialized training he himself has received in organizational communication and group strategic planning.


Originally from New Jersey, Eric graduated from the University of Maryland, College Park with a scholar’s citation and Bachelor degree in Communications. After several years of web development and systems administration, he pursued the world of real estate at a smaller firm helping build a rental team and listings database. Eric also began building relationships with the 700 small owners, management companies and private landlords which gives his team a competitive advantage in one of the country’s tightest markets.


Outside of work, Eric takes just as much pride in his Upper West community on a personal level, as a contented resident since 2002 and active member of various area outreach programs.

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