David Beare

CORE Group Marketing, LLC

127 7th Avenue

New York, NY 10011

P 212-726-0743

David Beare

David Beare has worked to establish CORE’s full service commercial branch, offering full representation for both tenants and landlords. He also works closely with Shaun Osher and CORE’s business development team to seek new opportunities for both commercial and residential development. Motivated, energetic and resourceful, David shares his enthusiasm and excitement with his clients.

On the commercial side, David has worked with tenants and landlords, successfully representing numerous transactions. David also works to identify and secure acquisitions for development, establishing direct contact with the owner and negotiating the purchase. Once property has been acquired CORE can refer an army of industry professionals ranging from attorneys, developers, architects, PR and of course, marketing. Bringing a property from acquisition through conception to the market, David works to ensure that CORE is a one-stop-shop for development. Clients include noted restaurateurs, developers, architects and designers.

David also enjoys the challenges of residential real estate services. Teamed with Emily Beare, David has quickly built a loyal clientele who appreciate his responsive, thorough and patient approach in helping to find the perfect home. His intimate knowledge of the market allows him to aggressively price resale properties and receive offers at or above the asking price in a short period of time.

David holds a B.A. in Film with a minor in Music from Clark University. He is a talented jazz guitarist and film maker, and has traveled extensively throughout Europe, Africa and Asia. He currently makes his home in Manhattan.

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