Craig Schiller

Warburg Realty Partnership, Ltd.

18 West 21 Street, 4th Floor

New York, NY 10010

P 212-300-1825

Craig Schiller

My personal and professional background is relevant to your needs. I am a native Manhattanite and have always lived here (except for 4 college years at Cornell University where I was a math major and 3 law school years in Washington, D.C. where I was an honors graduate). I also have a graduate law degree from NYU Law School. Since 1978, I have been a New York licensed real estate broker. During that entire period I have been engaged in the private practice of law at Wall Street as well as boutique Manhattan law firms. The last 15 years of my law practice has been focused on advising small business owners and cooperative and condominium Boards of Manhattan luxury properties on all legal ABC’s pertinent to the operation of such properties, from Alterations, to By-laws, to Contracts to Disputes all the way to Zoning. I have personally structured, negotiated, documented and closed hundreds of matters — both simple and complex — and have successfully founded, financed, owned, and operated a profitable Manhattan law firm. I have handled numerous litigation matters, served as an arbitrator and Federal mediator, written, lectured and taught on real estate matters, and have developed many proprietary methods of getting deals done where others have failed. There are few challenges involving the sale, purchase, financing, leasing, mortgaging, alteration, management or board approval of a Manhattan apartment that I have not encountered and brought through to a successful conclusion. Here at Warburg, I have been involved in selling about 75 Upper East Side and other Manhattan properties in smooth and fast transactions. My background in real estate law allows me to identify opportunities where others see obstacles, to command the respect of other industry professionals such as bankers, lawyers, co-brokers, sponsors, managing agents, and boards based upon accumulated expertise, and to work effectively to serve the requirements of my clients and customers.

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