C.B. Whyte

Stribling & Associates

924 Madison Avenue

New York, NY 10021

P 212-452-4446

C.B. Whyte

CB Whyte is a preeminent New York real estate broker exclusively specializing in Manhattan.  As senior vice president and associate broker at Stribling & Associates, CB has been recognized by her peers for her outstanding ability to achieve insurmountable success in resolving the most complex real estate matters.

CB is an expert in all property segments from co-ops, condominiums, townhouses and new developments.  She offers superior service; and an amazing sales record as well as encyclopedic knowledge of past and current market inventory.  She is held in esteem by her colleagues and attracts the very highest caliber of clientele.  Her client portfolio boasts top corporate executives, celebrities, high-powered investors and the owners and developers of real estate.

CB is a savvy businesswoman; consummate dealmaker and diligent professional whose top priority is ensuring her clients are always informed and confident throughout every transaction.  She has been recognized by the Real Estate Board of New York with the REBNY Deal of the Year award in 1995, 2005 and was featured on a cover story in “The Mann Report” in 2011.

A woman leader in her own right, CB is a New York native who found herself widowed at a young age with the responsibility of providing for her 3 young children.  CB met this challenge with her heart and mind and powerfully flourished into a brilliant professional and family woman who gives back to the community.  When not working she enjoys contemporary art, skiing and is an avid golfer.

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