Andrew Saracino

Halstead Property, LLC

831 Broadway

New York, NY 10003

P 212-381-4235

Andrew Saracino

Andrew Saracino has been with Halstead Property, LLC for more than ten years. He completed the NYRS (New York Residential Specialist) program, achieving the highest credential offered by the Real Estate Board of New York. Andrew is committed to advancing his education and professional excellence. His deep knowledge of the real estate market in New York and its surrounding areas can be attributed to the fact that he was born and raised in New York City and has lived in Manhattan for the past 24 years.


During his 18 years in real estate, Andrew has managed properties, overseen renovations and has completed numerous transactions. He is very attentive and thorough when helping his clients with the sale and purchase of property. He is very intuitive to their needs. Andrew’s genuine interest in matching people with the right property makes him an asset to your team. He works all over the city and is particularly knowledgeable about the Downtown areas.


Andrew attended St. John’s University where he earned a B.S. in Management in three years. He graduated on the Dean’s List and received a full scholarship to graduate school. One year later, he completed his MBA in Finance with high honors. His business background comes in handy when helping his clients understand their finances and the process of navigating cooperative and condo boards. He has also studied acting with The Michael Harney Acting School and has appeared on television and in motion pictures.

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