About New York Residential Specialists®

The Real Estate Board of New York® (REBNY) created the NYRS® designation in 2007 to set a higher standard among New York City residential agents. Today, the organization is a powerful network of more than 300 members from nearly 40 firms who cross company lines and cultures and work together to promote brokerage excellence. Certified by REBNY, the program both recognizes these dedicated, successful agents and gives them the opportunity to take their knowledge and performance to an even higher level.

About NYRS

For Buyers and Sellers

NYRS is REBNY’s highest professional credential for residential agents in New York City. The designation identifies an elite group of agents who have each successfully completed an advanced course of study covering relevant and important topics such as negotiation, ethics and real estate law and finance. They comprise a peer network of like-minded professionals committed to ethical behavior, professional excellence and advanced education.

How does a consumer choose from among the more than 12,000 licensed residential real estate agents in New York City? The NYRS designation sets agents apart in a crowded field and identifies those with a proven track record of success and advanced education and training.

NYRS agents deliver a competitive edge. They bring greater visibility to listings; better exposure to top industry influencers including the leaders of NYC’s top residential brokerage firms; and direct access to NYRS sponsors including lenders, attorneys and appraisers. With their fingers always on the pulse of the residential marketplace, they represent the best of NYC’s residential brokerage.

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For Agents

The NYRS credential recognizes dedicated, successful residential real estate agents in New York City and gives them the opportunity to take their knowledge to the next level. The curriculum is designed to address the unique challenges of NYC’s real estate market and is updated regularly to reflect changing market conditions and emerging issues. Taught by industry leaders, courses include real estate law, macroeconomics, commercial real estate, ethics, negotiation, marketing and technology.

As an elite corps, the NYRS network encourages camaraderie and provides an invaluable forum for like-minded professionals to facilitate the business of real estate with integrity and results.

Fewer than 3% of all NYC licensed residential agents in NYC have been awarded the NYRS designation. Each must meet qualifying criteria to enroll in the program.

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